About Us


As İŞŞIL HAMILE DÜNYASI, we are trying to offer the most beautiful and stylish maternity clothes to expectant mothers. Based on the slogan "your body size can change, your style stays the same", we ensure that expectant mothers spend 9 months, which is the most beautiful but also the most difficult period for a woman.

Fashion is also very important during pregnancy, we follow the colors and trends of the season and apply them to our collection. Now, expectant mothers prefer tighter t-shirts, jeans, skirts and modern cut dresses instead of loose and flowing trousers, tunics and gilets. Stylish and functional clothes that they can wear for 9 months without compromising their pre-pregnancy images and dressing style are currently the favorite of all expectant mothers.

As the online store of İŞŞIL HAMILE DÜNYASI, ehamilegiyim.com, the colors that are the trend of every new season are at the forefront of the Maternity Clothing Collection. The colors are as rich and bright as possible, as if competing with nature. Loose clothes and body-fitting cuts are in the foreground. But let's not forget that the always fashionable classic, black and white contrasts create a modern and dynamic style in our collection.

With Organic pregnant models specially designed for expectant mothers, mothers will find the comfort and freedom they miss. Pajamas and nightgowns that can be used before and after birth are also among the pieces in our new collection.

Our products are designed for pregnant women who follow the fashion of the day, love to dress, active and fond of comfort. We have fabric trousers, skirts and blouses suitable for the working class, as well as pregnant jeans, shorts, t-shirts and dress models suitable for women who like to wear sportswear.

All of the sub-groups, namely trousers, skirts and capri models, have an adjustable waist and ribbed. If the weight of expectant mothers does not exceed 15 kg during their entire pregnancy, they can easily use our products from the 3rd to the 9th month. Many products are designed for post-pregnancy use.

All products contain at least 2-3% lycra, which provides both ease of movement and comfortable use despite weight gain. Especially the core fabrics we use are mostly cotton and we do not use synthetics in our products. We do not prefer fabrics that make the body sweat and may be harmful to pregnant women.

As İŞŞIL HAMILE DÜNYASI, we offer and will continue to offer more beautiful clothes and alternatives to expectant mothers every year.

Thanks to all expectant mothers who wore and will wear our products during this special period...