Payment confirmation and preparation of order

What should you pay attention to when ordering?


It consists of a few simple steps to place an order on our website; Buy adds the desired products to your shopping cart, billing / shipping information and fill in our secure payment page and select your preferred payment, you create your order.


Payment approval and preparation of orders

All orders placed on our website in order to exchange security has a check phase. Our concerned department receives a confirmation of your order according to your preferred payment method when creating your order and enters the preparation process your order.

The process of preparation of the order;

- Transfer / EFT of order amount to our bank accounts in order with the reflection,

- Credit card in the order given by the security department or expenses related to the approval of the bank's security department

- customer service begins with confirming the order of payment orders in the door.


Delivery time

Following the receipt of your order and payment security check; a different time of supply for the products you buy are not specified (pre-order products, order custom-made products and so on.) will ship in 1-5 business days later. Shipping, depending on the distance of the product delivery time varies from 1 to 3 days. Order your product / prolongation of the case of the supply of products or the failure to supply information on the time you will be provided. Problems in the supply of the product; You may want to wait for a refund of the payment or provision of the products. Saturdays at 11:00 Monday after the orders are given on the day subsequent to approval of payment information is considered. Public holidays and the first business day following your orders to coincide with holidays taken in the event of confirmation of payment information is considered.


You should be aware of when ordering?


As your products on time and complete some of the issues you should consider before placing your order to reach you:


Does the product in stock, Pre order?

If you are not yet pre-order for product in stock and if you so choose products that specify a future date to send your order will be expected to take stock of this product.


all you have given your orders are delivered via cargo from you to our customers.


Orders on the page, in case of orders sent by courier your order is delivered to your order by clicking the order number details and you can track your order shipment. In case your order was sent cargo tracking number that appears is reflected after a while.


Shipping tracking number from the shipping company about your web site, or you can follow the status of your shipment Enter your name, if you wish you can get instant information from their customer service courier company with this information.


Issues need to be careful to take delivery of your order


The products included in your order when you give you get after signing the delivery receipt from our website if you want to guard your side, you can open and check the cargo shipping package. If the package content for any errors or omissions in question can send it back to us complete author cargo record or provide information.

All products that make the the sales packaging to be the first to be delivered to the seller and courier companies to reach customers is through our instant damage. Sending any product in our company is not likely to be damaged.


How should I take delivery of the cargo package?

Do not damage absolutely the outer package before delivery when your order is delivered to you by courier officer and box in the cargo authorized to sign any document relating to the delivery in case of any damage "damage report" and warned of preparation. Please return to your damaged parcels held with the cargo officer in writing, you have a new product will be sent by us immediately.


After delivering cargo company pack box crushed, torn or impact that we realized what we should do?


Shipping companies the task of I 'from the purchases you make with confidence is to deliver the right people by providing a safe transportation. After receiving your order in case of damage you may have noticed; Do not you must immediately inform your shipping branch and to request the assistance in line with the damage report preparation. If you can not afford the necessary assistance from the cargo branch, we ask you to give us information.


In your hand makes you your product arrives damaged in shipping cargo transportation company and damage as a result of the tutanıg, your change process to be completed quickly and will be held back by your shipment.


What should I do with my order was not delivered my bill?

Delivery of all orders made by cargo delivery is made according to the invoice and sent the bill is an integral part of your order. Your invoice of your order except where the parcel is delivered to you in two copies in a transparent plastic bag pocket. Any reason, the shipping company is not present in this mobile bill is delivered to you by courier please remember if you want a competent and persistently. If your invoice, please let us know if your order is shipped. Like a copy of your original invoice stamped by us as you will be redirected.