How can I order?

abroad (TURKEY) How can I pay from an external location?

1-How to Order? "from shopping to be a member or members can order it without also.

b. Women's clothing attributes - by clicking on the products, prices and other information can be found on the product.

c. Amount and description of the product as indicated on the screen, you decide what you want to buy the product, the color-selecting body shall visualize the "Add to Cart" button click.

D. You will see your shopping cart window will be opened and the amount of other products and contents.

e. To cancel a product that is in your shopping cart "OUT OF BASKET" is enough to press the button.

f. If you wish to continue shopping "Continue Shopping" button, you can continue shopping where you left off.

g. If you want to complete your shopping "SHOPPING BASKET" section will be sufficient to choose the.

I. If you want to buy the product after reviewing the available products in the basket "place your order" you should click the button.

h. Section of your order confirmation screen will appear.

k. To make sure that all of the information carefully check the accuracy of delivery information. (Please enter the address where you found the day)

l. If there are incomplete and / or incorrect information, after making the necessary corrections to select the payment option in the payment information section (Transfer / EFT, credit card, Bonus Card 3 Month, Advance Payment at the door).

m. After you choose, the following forms of payment and fill out the order confirmation section "I certify that the information" button.

n. Incoming new screen "order Payment" screen is put in the required information all in full: Cards that appear in the Name and Last Name, Credit Card Number (space between the numbers, "", "-", "*" Do not put a character like), Card Type, CVV , Expiry Date (end date, you must specify the month and year.)

he. Your billing information by checking the "BUY" button click.

p. Provision for 5-45 seconds. You should wait between.

r. This will also be released after the end of an article that confirmed your purchase order number and notified to you.

2. Can I order from abroad?


Yup ; Do not order from abroad as possible. Order your seamlessly to reach your hand and my right to designate a body ehamilegiy we recommend you to get live assistance.

3- Receivables my body How should I choose?


You can get your body to determine with the help of our live support line, which eliminates the margin of error in selecting the right body olursunuz.telefo are always willing to help out, or MSN.


4- Can I pay at the door?


Yes, you can pay at the door.
Pay at the door shipping fee + service charge '5 TL. (pay at the door the cost of additional services will be added to shipping costs, pay at the door cargo service charge will be in free shipping)

After payment of the purchase is completed, a cash payment at the door, one shot through the door with a credit card, you can pay with options. For more information you can call our live support line.

5- abroad (TURKEY) How can I pay from an external location?


Abroad (TURKEY) to make payments from an external location; Transfer / EFT, Pay-Pal, you can pay by Western Union or Credit Card.
Transfer / EFT or if you wish to pay by Western Union transactions, the amount of purchases denominated in TL at the end of bilateral negotiations after the purchase is completed CENTRAL BANK converted to the currency you want from that day's exchange rate. Products are shipped after a specified amount accounts. Until you have received your products, our company will be in touch with you.


If you wish to pay by credit card; This process is easier than you shopping amount will be paid out automatically as your credit card. Bank card from your system than what is reflected in that currency to your statement. Regulated in your shopping bill, automatically, and shipped. You will need to call our hotline to say alive for more information.

Shipping and Delivery Time Abroad 6- What is it?

Abroad, in short, anywhere in the world shipping fee is a fixed £ 135 - $ 26 - 20 € is. Delivery times are between 3 and 6 days under normal circumstances. Our posts are to be shipped by air TURPEX-PTT CARGO.

7. Domestic Shipping and Delivery Time What is it?


All dorms general fixed shipping fee of 6 €. Our delivery time under normal circumstances (varies for specific products.) The edilmektedir.Bu delivered in 3.gün's latest order takes place, which is only for contracted cargo branch. Non-contracted cargo branch of the place, there are certain days of the week delivery. Associated with this issue, you can get help from our live support hotline for more information.