What Should Normal Blood Pressure Be During Pregnancy? Normal Blood Pressure Values During Pregnancy

Each person's normal blood pressure values may be different from each other. However, in general, the average blood pressure value is 12-8. As with many things during pregnancy, changes in blood pressure can occur. A pregnant woman's diastolic blood pressure may drop to 11-6 and diastolic blood pressure to 5-10 levels.


  If a pregnant woman's blood pressure ranges between 9 and 6, it can be considered normal. If the blood pressure values have dropped to 6-4, it is understood that it is slightly below the limit. However, if it is 5-3, it can be said that there is low blood pressure.


  Causes of Low Blood Pressure During Pregnancy


  The reasons for low blood pressure in a pregnant woman to be expectant mother can be listed as follows:

● Being dehydrated

● Anemia

● Being pregnant with twins

● Hormonal change

● Fear, anxiety or stress

● Endocrine diseases

● Liver disorders

● It is possible for a woman with a history of low blood pressure to have this blood pressure problem during pregnancy as well.

  Causes of High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy


  The following conditions in a pregnant woman who show symptoms of high blood pressure during pregnancy can cause high blood pressure:

● Age of the pregnant mother to be less than 20 and older than 40

● malnutrition

● Multiple pregnancy

● Too much salt consumption

● Genetic factors

● Weak immune system

● Diabetes

● anemia

● Obesity

● Chronic kidney disease

● Molar pregnancy

  What kind of treatment should be applied?


  Since the causes of low blood pressure differ from person to person, the treatment to be given to the mother who has low blood pressure problem during pregnancy will also differ. If there is a low blood pressure problem due to blood loss, the mother will be given a blood transfusion. Apart from this, different treatment methods will be applied for different reasons. In general, expectant mothers with low blood pressure should pay attention to the following to give birth to a healthy baby:

● Alcohol should not be consumed in any way.

● Excessive caffeine should be avoided.

● Excessive carbohydrates should not be consumed.

● Plenty of fluids should be taken.

● Daily supplements given by the doctor must be used.

● There should be enough salt in the nutrition list.


  The causes of high blood pressure also differ from person to person. If a pregnant woman with high blood pressure symptoms or diagnosed with high blood pressure has developed a high blood pressure problem in the middle of her pregnancy, the most effective treatment method is rest. Thus, blood pressure is lowered. However, if the blood pressure has exceeded the control level, it is necessary to be under the control of a doctor.



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