We attach great importance to the realization and confidentiality of the orders you create on our site in a very safe and fast way. All systems used in the infrastructure of ehamilegiyim.com are created using the latest technologies and are updated according to the changes and developments in the technologies used.

On every page you enter your personal information on our site and all the order and payment transactions pages are encrypted with SSL security certificate. The browser you use confirms its accuracy by showing you the transactions you make on these pages as a locked key. With this key, any information you send through your browser cannot be viewed by third parties. 128 Bit SSL certificate is used on the pages of ehamilegiyim.com secure payment system for you, our dear customers, to perform your online transactions safely.

In addition, no part of the credit card information you use for your purchases is stored in our system, is not recorded and cannot be accessed by anyone other than the bank that allocated your credit card. Your credit card information entered in the safe zone; You are directed to the payment confirmation system of the relevant bank and your order is processed according to the confirmation or rejection message from your bank. In our system, additional security procedures that we call Credit Card security control are applied for transactions made with credit cards.