Payment options

Wire Transfer / EFT Payments

Payment options

Order your credit card payment, you can do via bank transfer. Credit Card Processing

Your credit card information is safe to do your shopping for you is encrypted using 128-bit SSL. SSL connection is active, you switch to our page where you enter your credit card information during the ordering process, you can see the lock icon in the address bar of your browser that will be displayed immediately next to it.


Transfer / EFT Payments

If you want you can make your payment for your order by bank transfer. After completing the transfer order processing by choosing your option below the amount specified happy to send you our account number. Your order can be sent to the approved quickly, please give details using our transfer notification form after completing the transfer.


Making transfer orders within 5 business days following the order is canceled.


Pay at the door

If you prefer, you can pay in cash the amount of your order when you receive your cargo.


Delivery Information

Payments made by credit card, following the approval of the relevant bank and security of our control unit, while payments made by wire transfer, your order is prepared following the transition to our payment account. Address delivery courier service, which is carried out within the area of ​​cargo transportation company has chosen. Shipping firms located in regions that are not delivered to the address of the phone notification, delivery takes place from the cargo office. Please contact our contact address If you have any questions or concerns.