IŞŞIL maternity wear carries out the wholesale service of its collections for its brand as well as different brands.

Maternity clothing, maternity lingerie, maternity knitwear, maternity swimsuits, maternity jeans, maternity fabric pants, maternity shorts, maternity overalls, maternity t-shirts, maternity athletes and more


IŞŞIL The company carries out wholesale services of collections produced for pregnant clothing, brand and also for different brands. World-class collections, fashion and trends special designs meet with all the expectant mothers in the world. Our collections, which we produce in high quality, are in a wide range and respond to all kinds of needs of mothers during pregnancy and after.

The raw materials used in the production are selected from substances that will not threaten the health of organic and pregnant. In this way, we produce comfortable clothing products, we are preparing healthy products. The wide range of products make the daily life of pregnant women easy and they do not compromise their clothing style. "Body sizes may vary, your style remains the same" designs compatible with the slogan.

Maternity clothes, pregnant underwear, pregnant knitwear, maternity swimsuits, pregnant jeans, maternity trousers, pregnant shorts, maternity shorts, pregnant jumpsuits, pregnant T-shirts, pregnant athletes and many other products are presented to the taste of fashion with IŞŞIL quality. We present our business clothing products in comfortable showrooms. Our collection of internally produced products are presented to the taste of individual customers. During the presentation, if you wish to complete the order you can have the imamkan.

IŞŞIL pregnant clothing showroom offices offer easy access to visitors from outside Istanbul and Konya. From Atatürk Airport to our Istanbul office, our visitors can easily reach the airport without any traffic problems and it is very convenient to reach the airport by rail. It is possible to reach Konya showroom and store from Istanbul by plane and high speed train.

If you want to meet with your customers, please do not waste time to contact us.

For all products you can contact us for wholesale shopping. Special design, brand, model and color will be responded to your demands. For detailed information, we will be happy to assist you with our contact information below.


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