Is Yellow, White, Pink and Brown Discharge Before Menstruation A Sign Of Pregnancy Or Is It Counted As A Menstrual?

If a woman is in good health, she is expected to have regular periods. These periods are normally between 21 and 35 days. On the other hand, it takes 3 to 8 days for the menstrual period to pass. During this period, a woman normally has a total bleeding of 30 to 80 cc. Sometimes, differences can be observed in these bleeding. However, this may not be a situation that will immediately cause anxiety. So, what can premenstrual yellow, white, pink and brown discharge indicate?


 Dark Blood As A Result Of Blood Oxidation


 The discharge that occurs mostly daily is vaginal discharge. The structure of this discharge is fine and white or clear. Exceptionally, it can be a different color. If you are dealing with a brown colored discharge, this is probably old blood. Fresh blood is bright red in color. The time the blood spends outside of the veins causes it to get darker. Contact of blood with air causes a condition called oxidation. This causes your blood to turn a brown color.


 Currents During Pregnancy


 Regarding pregnancy, the symptoms experienced by every woman are different. Since everyone has a different body, pregnancy symptoms differ. While some women do not suffer from nausea during pregnancy, some do. This also applies to pregnant women who experience discharge. While women are pregnant, some of the discharge is white milky, while some may be transparent. These harmless currents are considered as a sign of pregnancy. However, if expectant mothers experience these discharge with itching, it is useful to consult a doctor.


 Vaginal discharge is frequently experienced as symptoms of pregnancy. Discharge of a different color than usual during pregnancy is not always something to be afraid of. With the onset of pregnancy, hormones that change in women increase the secretion of estrogen in the body. It is normal for a woman who does not have problems with discharge before her pregnancy to live during her pregnancy. However, in such cases, the only issue that needs to be considered is the smell of the discharge. If the discharge is smelly, it is useful to consult a doctor.


 Yellow And Pink Current


 As the baby in the womb develops, vaginal discharge may continue. If the color of the discharge is yellow, this suggests the risk of infection. Pink discharge is considered as implantation bleeding and this is normal. Such a slight bleeding may occur as a result of the fertilized egg's efforts to find a place in the uterus.



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