Can You Get Pregnant During Menstruation? Is It Possible to Get Pregnant Near the Menstrual Period?

There are certain periods for the pregnancy process that occurs when the sperm of a healthy man is fertilized by sexual intercourse with the egg of a healthy expectant mother. It is very important to follow these periods carefully for baby formation.


 First of all, the first thing necessary for pregnancy to occur is the healthy egg in the woman's womb. Eggs are suitable for ovulation in certain periods in the woman's womb. The period when the egg is ready for ovulation indicates the 14th day after the start of the menstrual period of the expectant mother who has a period every 28 days. Women with a menstrual cycle that lasts more than 28 days should choose the period that corresponds to the middle of their menstrual cycle.


 The period when the egg is suitable for ovulation is about 3-4 days. Therefore, the woman who wants to become pregnant should not miss this process. However, it is wrong to have a relationship every day in this 3-4 day period. These days, having intercourse every other day is important in terms of the accumulation of healthier and quality sperm. One of the curious issues is whether there will be re-fertilization while pregnant. This is impossible. In other words, since the baby is in the womb during pregnancy, it is not possible for a new pregnancy to occur.


 Can You Get Pregnant During Menstruation?


 One of the most curious issues is whether to conceive during the menstrual period. Most people say that pregnancy will not occur during the menstrual period. Experts primarily recommend not to have intercourse in terms of hygiene during the menstrual period, therefore it should not be considered during pregnancy during this period. However, this is only a health recommendation. It is not impossible to get pregnant during the menstrual period. Some women have different ovulation dates. And this period may also coincide with the menstrual date. Therefore, pregnancy may occur again. Getting pregnant during this period depends on whether the woman experiences ovulation at the time of her menstrual period. However, the egg remains in the uterus for 2-3 days after ovulation, which may have coincided with the menstrual period.


 Is It Possible to Get Pregnant Near the Menstrual Period?


 Getting pregnant close to the menstrual period is just as possible as getting pregnant during the menstrual period. In other words, it only varies from woman to woman, according to their physiological characteristics. In some women, ovulation may occur close to the menstrual period, not 14 days after menstruation. These women can also get pregnant near the menstrual period.



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