Cook for bacon!

Cook for bacon!

         The great news is that the solution to crush bacon will be easy, just when the bacon temperatures begin. Dear mothers; we can't send you bacon, but we can give you a recipe for making healthy bacon at home. For this, you should read our article to the end. Remember that everything done on time is beautiful and healthy.

         Pastirma is a taste of our ancestors who live in Central Asia during the long periods they spend on horses. It is even said that the 'suppression', which is the root of the word bacon, is about storing meats under the saddles of horses. So you want to make this special Turkish food at home. We are ready to give you a bacon recipe and tricks that are not enough to taste.

You need to wait about 1 month for the home made bacon to ripen and become edible.

You can use the tenderloin or ribeye part of the veal to make bacon, or you can use the thigh portion if you want a more economical solution. If you tell me that the meat you buy in town is for bacon, it will help.

You can use table salt or rock salt when making bacon. It will give better results because rock salt is more resistant. Salting of meat is critical. If you do not salt some parts of the meat may be spoiled.

During the ripening process of bacon, you will need to put a weight on it, like a glass jar full of water or stone. You should prepare it before you start making bacon.

The ingredients you need to make bacon:

750 g beef lean

rock salt

For Fenugreek

15 gr of garlic

1 cup of warm water

50 gr flour

15 grams of corn flour

20 g red pepper

25 g fenugreek powder

1 teaspoon of cumin

1 teaspoon black pepper

Cover the meat with salt and place in a deep pan.

Place an object on one side of the tray that will make a height and place a flat surface such as a cutting board. So you get a ramp.

Place the salted meat on the ramp. Put a weight on the meat.

Soak your meat for 2 weeks. In the meantime, all the blood and water will flow and collect on the bottom tray. Do not forget to clean the tray every day.

At the end of this time, remove the weight from the solidified meat thoroughly.

Wash the meat thoroughly under running water and desalinate.

Pour water into a bowl and put in the meat and soak in water for 1 night. Change the water 4-5 times during the night.

The next day proceed to the drying stage of the meat. for this, sew a knot with needle and thread on the end of your meat.

Hang the meat in a place that does not see the sun and let it stand for 2 days.

When you hang your meat, prepare the fenugreek.

Pour garlic in a bowl and mix with other fenugreek ingredients except water.

Slowly add the juice to a paste-like consistency and let the chin rest in the refrigerator for 2 days.

After dipping your hands in oil, spread this paste over the meat and hang it again to dry.

After the fenugreek is dried in 5-6 days, you can eat your bacon.

Remember that you should slice very thin while eating.

Enjoy your meal !


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