Is it Possible to Stay While Breastfeeding? What are the pregnancy symptoms for pregnant mothers?

It is formed by the fertilization of the ovary in the womb of the woman with the sperm coming from the man during sexual intercourse. It is a 9-month process.


 Is It Possible to Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding?


 It is said by the public that new mothers cannot get pregnant while breastfeeding. Experts have proven that this is false information and pregnancy has also been observed while the baby is breastfeeding. Breastfeeding does not have a contraceptive feature because some couples now see it as a way of protection, but conceiving can still occur. This will answer the question that the baby can be breastfed while pregnant.


 Nevertheless, as an expert opinion, in order not to have problems while pregnant, expectant mothers recommend that they be protected while breastfeeding both psychologically and in terms of body health in order to feel ready for a new baby. Because baby care is very difficult, this difficulty will be doubled during pregnancy.


 What Are the Symptoms of Pregnancy?


 Pregnancy Symptoms is one of the most researched topics by women. We will examine the Pregnancy Symptoms with the reasons explained below.

First of all, as everyone knows, menstrual delay is the first and most obvious symptom of pregnancy. When the baby clings to the uterus, if your period is delayed on your menstrual date, you should have a pregnancy test in blood at the nearest health institution. There are practical stick tests that you can do at home, but they do not provide as precise a solution as a pregnancy test in blood. In addition, menstrual delay may occur in situations that do not directly indicate pregnancy. Cyst in the uterus, seasonal changes, stress are the main ones. Therefore, a doctor's examination is essential to be sure.

After a delayed period, the pregnant woman may experience dizziness and fainting. Dizziness can occur as a result of the acceleration of blood circulation that occurs when hormones are released into the body.

Nausea; occasionally may cause vomiting. These nausea are usually seen in the morning when you first wake up. It depends on hormones and is more common in the first 3 months.

Odor Sensitivity; It differs slightly according to the situation other than pregnancy. Because the expectant mother during this period; They can't bear to smell some of the things they love so much, they become nauseous and disgusted. And they may be interested in things they normally don't like during pregnancy.

Frequent urination; It is usually seen in the later stages of pregnancy. The reason is; The enlarging womb squeezing our bladder will cause us to hold our urine for a shorter time and you may need to go to the toilet more than usual.



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