How to Perform Pregnancy Test with Bleach? Does it give an exact correct result?

While pregnancy is often planned, sometimes it is an unplanned situation. A doctor's check is sufficient to understand whether the person is pregnant or not, and pregnancy tests that are easily purchased and applied from pharmacies also give results. In some sudden cases, it may be necessary or requested to learn the result without waiting for the pharmacy or doctor's control. Traditional methods are also prominent in these matters. One of the happiest days couples have after marriage is when the expectant mother learns that she is pregnant. There are many options for the expectant mother to find out if she is pregnant. The pregnancy process of the expectant mother is learned with some methods at home.


 How to Perform Pregnancy Test with Bleach?


 Pregnancy test is performed through blood and urine. It is possible to have a pregnancy test with the materials in the house. The home pregnancy test is based entirely on traditional methods. There are some common symptoms that make the candidate understand that he has a baby in the womb during pregnancy. These symptoms are experienced during pregnancy. Doing a pregnancy test with bleach is a known pregnancy test for a long time. Three tablespoons of bleach is put in a bowl. Urine is added into the container with bleach. If the bleach is foaming, the pregnancy test is considered positive. If foaming does not occur, the result will be negative.


 Does Pregnancy Test with Bleach Give Accurate Results?


 One of the traditional methods used in pregnancy and applied by expectant mothers since the earliest dates is the pregnancy test with bleach. In ancient times, women learned whether they were pregnant or not thanks to this method. Many of the pregnancy tests done with bleach gave correct results. Among the traditional tests performed with pregnancy since the past, what is reliable is the pregnancy test with bleach. However, it would be the most logical result to consult a doctor and have an analysis without being 100% trusted in these tests.


 What Are the Symptoms of Pregnancy?


 Pregnant symptoms include;

Menstrual Delay

Breast tenderness

Dizziness and Fainting

Nausea and Vomiting

Weakness and Fatigue


Odor Sensitivity

vaginal discharge are the most common symptoms.

Feeling Too Much Sleeping



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