Does Virrona Pass the Baby in the Womb?

Corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic, which affects the whole world, worries mother candidates as well as every individual. The expectant mothers are seriously concerned about their babies coming to Earth because of the corona virus outbreak. So, does the corona virus pass to the baby? Can premature birth occur due to the virus? We will take the answers of such questions as the source of the explanations made by experts and scientists and try to answer these questions.

According to the results of the study conducted on 18 pregnant women who were infected within the scope of Covid-19 studies, there was no evidence that the virus was transmitted to the unborn baby when the study on 18 pregnant patients with infection disease was examined within the scope of Covid-19 virus. Covid-19 is a dangerous infectious disease, especially in individuals with advanced age and additional disease.

When we think that almost all of the pregnant women are under the age of 40, we can say that the risk is less. As a result of the Covid-19 test applied in individuals under 40 years of infectious disease, the patient who was found positive either recovered without any symptoms or healed with a mild disease. Therefore, it is not seen as an infectious disease for pregnant women. If Covid-19 findings are detected in pregnant women, let's not forget that the process must be followed by a special team.

Does the virus cause preterm birth?

One of the situations where pregnant women are most concerned about Corona virus is whether there is a risk of preterm labor. In the explanations about the risk of virus-induced premature birth, there is no situation that requires pregnant women due to the presence of Covid-19 virus. Birth planning should be carried out according to standard rules.

It is not recommended that early cesarean delivery is preferred with the thought of taking less risk due to corona virus. Patients who are scheduled for normal birth should be kept in a standard way, and patients should be planned in the same way for those who are planned for cesarean delivery. Looking at the risk factors of pregnancy, planning a birth will be an appropriate move. As a result, due to the risk of Covid-19 infection, the mother candidate who is planning a normal birth is not allowed to start cesarean delivery.

Should pregnant women cancel their routine follow-up?

Complying with the rules of isolation should not be perceived as postponing pregnancy follow-up. Tests for pregnancy should be done on time after all general precautions are taken to prevent transmission of the virus. In both cases, it is a sine qua non for health and a healthy generation.

Routine pregnancy follow-ups should be postponed in pregnant women with a diagnosis of Covid-19 and suspected isolation, and the condition of the mother should be evaluated provided that the condition of the fetus (baby in the womb) is taken into consideration.

How pregnant women are protected from the virus

It is the most important situation for pregnant women, like every individual, to minimize their contact with other people and pay attention to the social distance rule. Except for the compulsory cases, they should not go out of the house and should be sensitive and sensitive in the use of masks. Hands should be washed frequently and according to hygiene rules. We recommend using lotion, oil and care creams specially designed for expectant mothers for irritation in the hands. In case of any contact, mouth and eyes should not be touched until the hands become hygienic. People with flu or flu symptoms should be avoided. Attention should be paid to regular feeding, care should be taken to drink enough fluids. Personal items should not be shared.

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