5 Precautions Against Corona Virus for Pregnant Women - Does Corona Virus Affect Baby in Pregnancy?

Corona measures against the virus in Turkey has increased to the highest level condition. Those who remain in the case of applying more to these measures are undoubtedly in the risk group. Pregnant women in this group

"How do I protect Corona from virus?" wonders the answer to the question. Due to changes both in structural and immune system during pregnancy, there is a higher risk of developing respiratory infections, especially by respiratory tract.

In the past, it has been scientifically proven that both respiratory viruses such as Sars and Mers, which belong to the Covid-19 family, and influenza can be much heavier during pregnancy. However, it is possible to protect against Corona virus during pregnancy by taking the necessary precautions without panic and over stress. We have tried to list 5 special recommendations for you below. We strongly recommend that you follow all warnings made by the Health Science Board and the Ministry of Health carefully and carefully.

Dear Mother Candidates!

Avoid Information Pollution

Pregnancy is a delicate period due to the already existing hormonal change. however, bad news received during this period will affect mothers more. For this reason, stay away from the panic environment created by non-specialists, especially social media, and the information pollution they emit. You can overcome this period by taking the necessary protection measures, but without breaking your spirits and without undue stress. You can relax both yourself and your baby by reading books and listening to music at home and even singing songs to your baby.

Reduce Contact With People

Generally, the ways of spreading the virus are known. Among these, the emphasis is on smearing by droplet. Therefore, avoid crowded and closed environments, avoid people who cough and sneeze. Apply the same sensitivity to close family members who have contact with the outside.

Eat plenty of fluids, eat healthy

Take care of a healthy and balanced diet. You should definitely include foods rich in vitamin C in your diet. Spread during the day and take care to consume plenty of water. Besides water, it is useful to consume drinks such as linden and kefir. Be sure to keep your throat warm and moist, with high fluid intake at any time of the day.

Protect Your Throat From Cold

It plays an important role in clothes these days when we are in season transition. Avoid clothing that will cause you to sweat too heavily, but instead wear a thin coat. Take care to protect your throat from cold. Because intense contact with the cold weakens the immune system more, especially during pregnancy.

Do Not neglect to exercise

During pregnancy, blood clotting in the foot vessels increases 6 times. Therefore, more than 3 hours of motion will increase this risk even more. Be careful not to stay still, do not lie down constantly. Take a 30-minute walk in sunny weather, especially at noon, and support Vitamin D synthesis.

How Corona Virus Affects Baby in Mother's Belly

During pregnancy, the risk of developing Corona virus and possible bad outcomes is higher than normal. This risk is higher especially for mothers who are HIV positive and over 35 years old with diabetes, lung, heart or kidney disease. Although there is not enough information about the effect of corona virus on the baby during pregnancy, it is known that other viruses belonging to this family can cause premature birth, miscarriage and low birth weight. In addition, in the first 3 months of pregnancy, the risk of openness in the back bones (spina bifida) increases in the babies of the mothers who have high fever due to infection.

Corona virus passes into breast milk?

Although there is no scientific evidence that the Corona virus passes into breast milk, other viruses from the family of Covid-19 were proved not to pass into milk. For this reason, it is not medically recommended that the expectant mother, who was diagnosed with Covid-19, stops breastfeeding her baby. However, care must be taken during breastfeeding, compliance with the required hygiene rules, or breast milk must be delivered to the baby by an uninfected person.

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