How Should Proper Breastfeeding Be?

Breastfeeding Protects The Baby From Diseases

Breast milk, baby in addition to the hearty effect of her against many diseases are also protective. Breastfed babies are more resistant to diseases that require antibiotics than those who do not receive breast milk. In these babies; asthma, eczema, food allergy, such as diseases that can develop after growing with diabetes and hypertension are less common.

Reduces Cancer Risk

Breastfeeding mothers feel psychologically better and the bond between them becomes stronger. The risk of postpartum hemorrhage is low in nursing mothers. Breast-feeding; breast, ovarian and uterine cancer is a factor that reduces the risk. For this reason, it is very important for the mother to prepare herself mentally before breastfeeding.

Proper Breastfeeding Techniques

1. After birth, the mother should make skin contact with her baby within 30-60 minutes and try to breastfeed her baby even if the milk hasn't arrived.
2. For good breastfeeding, the mother should wear plenty of clothes and comfortable breastfeeding, breastfeeding, sleepwear, nightgown, t-shirt and clothing, should be comfortable and in a relatively quiet environment and avoid psychological concerns.
3. During feeding, the baby's mouth, jaw and belly should be in proportion with the head; the baby's face, chest and abdomen should be facing the mother. During a successful breastfeeding, the baby's swallowing sounds are heard.
4. The health of mother and baby during feeding is very important. Therefore, it is very important for the mother to consume foods containing protein and calcium.
5. As in pregnancy, breastfeeding during the period of drug use, it is necessary to be aware of the physician should be kept in mind. Otherwise, some medications that are used can pass to the baby through milk and cause undesirable side effects.
6. In addition to the physical feeding of the mother during the feeding period, the psychological state should be suitable for breastfeeding. For this reason, the mother should be supported in this respect and given the time to take care of her baby.
7.The frequency and amount of feeding should not be tied to certain rules, the behavior of the baby should be observed and left to his choice. Because the frequency and amount of breastfeeding varies from baby to baby.



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