Common Nightmare of Pregnant Women: Insomnia

Falling asleep along with the summer months and a quality sleep scheme made it difficult for all of us. Combined with warm weather and some sleep problems caused by pregnancy, insomnia can become a difficult problem to deal with.

Experts who stated that the sleep patterns of the expectant mothers are very important for the health of themselves and their babies, although the pregnant women who want to sleep at every opportunity with the effect of progesterone hormone in the first months, they approach the normal sleep pattern in the 2nd, 4th and 5th months; ideas that they will have sleep problems in the last three months due to a growing abdomen and frequent urination.

Change in Sleep Pattern Supports Your Habituation Process
In the first months of pregnancy, most of the pregnant women complained of fatigue and intense desire to sleep, while the first trimester in the first 3 months of these complaints seen in the process, in fact, your body is the symptoms of the process of getting used to pregnancy. A miracle, our body paints an incredible picture of rhythm and harmony during pregnancy. The increased need for sleep allows your brain to function properly during pregnancy and to store the necessary substances your body needs in this process. On the other hand, with the increase in the amount of time spent by the expectant mother, a decrease in the nausea problem experienced by almost every pregnant woman is observed and thus avoiding toxic substances such as cigarette smoke can be provided.

Second Trimester Comfortable, Third Trimester Taut

The second 3-month period is the period in which the expectant mother is the easiest to adapt to the changes in her baby's body and has the least distress, and from time to time complaints such as fatigue and low productivity especially in working mothers are seen. The expectant mother can fight this situation, especially by making mini candies during the day or at least taking care to rest her body. In this process, where the baby develops and the abdomen grows, 90% of the babies turn their bodies to the left in the womb and thus relax the circulation by not pressing the big veins on the right of the spine of the mother. Pregnant mother to avoid lying on her back during pregnancy, as far as possible to sleep more comfortably by lying to the left, the most noticeable information.

Experts who share the excitement, expectation and tension about the birth of the baby in the third trimester, it is perfectly normal for the mother to be worried about the health and life change of her baby in this process. Therefore, falling asleep may be a problem. On the other hand, the growing abdomen and the increased urination urine are thought to prevent high quality sleep. While it was stated that frequent dreams related to birth and baby were also effective in this process, it was shared that it would be beneficial to stand up and move if sleep escapes. The mother's mobility during the day allows the baby to shake and thus relax and sleep. The baby wakes up during the mother's rest at night, wakes the mother constantly kicking. This situation is interpreted as the way the baby prepares the mother for the insomnia to be experienced after the birth.

Magnesium-rich foods should be consumed against cramps, which are frequently seen in recent months, and magnesium tablets should be taken if deemed necessary by your doctor.

Is it possible to sleep more comfortably?

It is possible to have a more comfortable sleep in pregnancy with some precautions to be taken, we have tried to list the following recommendations for you item by item.

At the same time, try to train your metabolism.
Set the room temperature to 21 degrees.
Always ventilate the room.
At least 1 hour before going to bed, disconnect with electronic devices such as televisions, telephones and computers.
Choose to perform activities that challenge you physically and spiritually during the day.
Be sure to go for a walk during the day.
Try to manage your toilet needs by stopping drinking a few hours before going to bed at night.
Use more than one pillow to prevent heartburn.
You can put a pillow between your legs and back to minimize the problem of increasing left and right rotation in recent months.
You can increase the amount of lactic acid by doing light exercises before going to bed and you can go to sleep more easily.
Take a warm shower before going to bed, if you wish you can consume a warm glass of milk.
Try to lie on your left side as much as possible to breathe comfortably.
In Keep in mind that a good quality sleep will give you a happier and more energetic pregnancy and this will contribute to the health of you and your baby.

We recommend that sleep complaints experienced during a healthy pregnancy and postpartum period be shared with the doctors by the expectant mothers.



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