What should be known from the first day of pregnancy until the moment of birth

  • In which cases normal or cesarean delivery is required
  • The importance of nutrition during pregnancy

In short, we are trying to explain what you should do for a healthy pregnancy by getting rid of the thoughts of ac you should eat a lot of life ac.

Proper Nutrition in Pregnancy Makes Birth Easy

In pregnancy, as well as the health of the mother and baby, as well as the birth of an important point of nutrition, the way of feeding not only during pregnancy, but also in our normal life before pregnancy is a situation that we need to pay attention to. From the moment the mother is pregnant, definitely eat 3 main meals and an instant meal should definitely eat. It needs more regular and healthier nutrition. First of all, they should stay away from the three white as in normal life. Instead of white bread, they should prefer whole wheat bread, bulgur rice instead of rice pilaf or milk desserts made at home instead of a dessert. They must stay away from additives, packaged foods, frozen foods and prepared foods. They should consume vegetables and fruits as much as possible. Carbohydrate, protein and fat must be present in the mother's 3 main meals. In this way, we can give the nutritional information that all experts agree with.

Experts emphasizing that healthy nutrition of the mother is very important every time, healthy nutrition is a situation that facilitates childbirth. If the mother feeds regularly and healthily, the development of the baby will be according to her. This will allow us to give a normal birth in normal weight.

Mother's Sugar Affects the Baby's Blood Sugar Negatively

A woman's sugar is not a normal time during pregnancy is called pregnancy sugar. We call 'gestational diabetes' during pregnancy. We see this in about 5 percent of our pregnant women. Especially after the 24th week of pregnancy, the baby's growth and the hormones secreted from the infant and the mother's weight gain, insulin resistance and the decrease in insulin production from the pancreas, the mother's blood sugar is rising and the baby's blood sugar is adversely affected. We warn all pregnant women to put this diagnosis early. They have to carry out a sugar loading test between the 24th and 28th week. We urge you to take a blood test on an empty stomach. When you are diagnosed, you prevent many complications.

Our Priority Normal Birth

It is best to say that their priorities are normal births before cesarean birth, but it is the common opinion of all experts, of course, that there are cases where we cannot even try to give birth to normal births. These; We prefer caesarean delivery in cases such as the infant turning upside down, having a sibling, having a previous womb operation or having an infection on the mother's roof. We can never guarantee a hundred percent normal birth. Even at normal birth or even at the last moment, she may return to cesarean. Because birth is a process, some things cannot be predicted. In cases where the uterus is not opened enough during delivery, the baby is able to return to cesarean when the baby is not able to progress in the birth canal.



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