What is fertility diet to get pregnant?

The aim of the fertility diet is to increase ovulation and increase the chances of getting pregnant. This nutritional plan is based on research from the health study of nurses who study risk fac- tors for chronic diseases in women abroad. In short, as in every society, people's previous knowledge and experience is used.

Add Herbal Protein Resources to Your Diet

The first is to cut down the trans fat, the second to consume more unsaturated vegetable oils, and the third is to use less animal protein while adding more vegetable protein to your diet.

Do Not Prefer Low Fat Products

The fourth and fifth steps are to eat slow-digested carbohydrates and choose low-fat products, but not whole-fat dairy products. The sixth and seventh steps are to take a multivitamin containing folic acid and other B vitamins or to increase iron uptake from foods or supplements.

Say goodbye to acidic beverages

The eighth step requires women to break up acidic and sugary drinks and drink plenty of water. Caffeine is allowed at least. Ninth and tenth steps; to achieve a healthy body mass index and increase their fitness levels.



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