How Many Weeks, How Many Days and How Many Months Does Pregnancy Last? How Long Is a Healthy Pregnancy Period?

First Term


 In the early stages of pregnancy, discomfort such as nausea, frequent urination or vomiting may occur. These should not be worried because these conditions decrease in approximately the 3rd month of pregnancy. Constipation may occur in the third month, mostly due to the slowing down of digestive movements. Pregnant women should drink plenty of water and consume green fiber foods during this period.


 Development Period


 The fourth month of pregnancy is important because pregnancy begins to appear from the outside. The breasts enlarge and the waist thickens. However, the pregnant woman will begin to feel more energetic. Weight gain will be seen in the following months. There may be discomforts such as back pain and tension in the groin, but these will decrease in the sixth month and the expectant mother will start to feel better as she gets used to pregnancy.


 Last Term of Pregnancy


 By the seventh month, the pregnancy will begin to progress. There may be indigestion and cramps, as well as sleep disturbances. During this period, attention should be paid to rest. In the eighth month, the pregnant woman may feel heavy and clumsy. These conditions are common in pregnancy. The growing baby can now put pressure on the internal organs and cause discomfort such as breathing difficulties and frequent urination during pregnancy.


 Birth Period


 The birth period covers the ninth month of pregnancy. Working women are now required to take maternity leave. The baby can be born at any time. The expectant mother should not tire herself and complete the birth preparations. Finally, when the ninth month is filled and the tenth month is reached, unless there is a premature birth, the excitement and stress of birth takes the place of the troubles and excitement experienced while pregnant. However, after the birth, all of this no longer matters and the little baby finally reunites with his family.


 Healthy Pregnancy Period


 In a healthy pregnancy, the time of delivery is found by adding 280 days to the first day of the last menstruation. Although the gestation period is generally accepted as 40 weeks, it can vary between 38 weeks and 42 weeks.


 Cautions While Pregnant


 A pregnant woman should be careful not to consume cigarettes during pregnancy, not to use alcohol or drugs without consulting a doctor, to stay away from stress and tense environments. Especially for the baby in the mother's womb, care should be taken in the first 3 months when organs develop. In addition, the expectant mother should not come into contact with cat, dog feces and raw meat. These may contain parasites that may harm the baby.



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