Is There Any Discharge During Pregnancy, Why Does It Happen? What is the color of the discharge? The reason for bleeding with discharge…

The discharges seen during pregnancy are mostly physiological discharges. The reason why it is called physiological discharge is due to the change in the secretion of the estrogen hormone. At this point, the vaginal area makes a great effort to be protected from bacteria. Its mechanism is stronger. The increased mechanism naturally increases the flow.


 What Do the Colors of Discharge During Pregnancy Mean?


 The discharge, which is usually seen during pregnancy, is clear, white or cream in color. The amount of current is quite small, but sometimes it can be seen too much. There is no complaint such as burning or odor in the urine along with the discharge and it does not bother the pregnant woman too much. This type of discharge is widely researched by women to see if it is normal. Discharges during pregnancy are usually normal. However, these currents are also abnormal.


 Could the discharge be caused by vaginal infections?


 Of course, there can be different causes of discharge while pregnant. One of these reasons can be described as vaginal infections. And the most common symptom of vaginal infections during pregnancy is that it smells bad. Smell is the most important sign of an infection. At the same time, the discharge may be cream-colored and is more than normal discharge in quantity. This situation makes the pregnant woman very uncomfortable. These discharges may or may not be accompanied by burning while urinating. We can distinguish these discharges during pregnancy by their color and smell. The question of what should be done to determine the nature of these currents may come to the fore.


 How is the Nature of Vaginal Discharges Determined?


 The causes of vaginal discharge are determined after the vaginal examination, and some drugs that are not harmful to use during pregnancy can be given to the expectant mother, upon the recommendation of the doctor. These drugs can be in the form of suppositories, or they can be taken orally in the form of pills. Such drugs, taken on the recommendation of the doctor, eliminate complaints. Well, let's talk about how such currents pass with natural methods, what is good for such currents, what causes infections, and let's talk about these points.


 Natural Methods of Removing Currents


 The things that are good for vaginal infections can be explained as follows. These methods can also be described as herbal solutions. For example, apple cider vinegar can be used to remove the discharge. You can mix apple cider vinegar with water and wash the vaginal area with this water. Bacteria formed can be purified from the vaginal area with the help of vinegar water.


 Another type of current is the coming of water. During the first twenty weeks, there is not much water, but if there is a large amount of vaginal discharge, then it is necessary to suspect whether the baby's waters are coming. Especially after twenty-five and twenty-six weeks. The only thing that can clarify the question of why this happens is a vaginal examination. Therefore, in doubtful cases, it is necessary to go to the doctor by wondering if that flow is water.


 Urinary Incontinence


 Another type of discharge is urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence can occur naturally, especially in women who have given birth a lot, as well as in those who have had their first birth, especially in the last weeks. It is seen if the woman has held her urine for a long time. Because the baby is putting pressure on the bladder. This is often referred to as flooding. This is actually a case of urinary incontinence.


 In the first weeks of pregnancy, bleeding can also be seen along with the discharge. This is also quite normal and is called implantation bleeding. The baby is trying to hold on to the uterine wall and therefore, slight bleeding may be seen. Generally speaking, the most common types of discharge are the so-called physiological discharges during pregnancy.


 The second is yeast infection discharge among vaginal infections. Fungal infection discharge occurs in a very important part of women, and while a white discharge like a cheese cut is seen in classical fungal infection, it can also be felt as a green and cheese cut-like discharge in women. That is, their qualities may be more different. The only way to clarify this is a vaginal examination.



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