What Is Good For Gas Pain During Pregnancy? At What Week Does Pain Symptoms Begin And How Long Do They Last?

Gas pain in pregnancy is an indispensable problem for the expectant mother. During pregnancy, as a result of the baby's feeding from the mother and taking a place in the uterus, the expectant mother experiences some discomfort. Changes occur in the body of the expectant mother with the change of hormones during pregnancy. Why gas pains during pregnancy and how they pass are among the most curious topics.


 Causes Gas Pain During Pregnancy?


 The cause of gas pain in expectant mothers is mostly due to the hormones that change during pregnancy. Especially due to the progesterone hormone, smooth muscles in the digestive system are relaxed. In the advancing pregnancy period, it compresses the intestines and stomach with the growth of the uterus and delays the discharge of these organs. Gas in the stomach is among the causes of gas pain by swallowing air. In addition, consuming too much fatty and spicy foods, being inactive for too long can cause gas pains. The answer to the question of whether it is normal to have gas pains during pregnancy can be answered that it is normal.


 What Is Good For Gas Pain During Pregnancy?


 In response to the question of what is good for gas pains during pregnancy, it is recommended to drink the following between meals. Especially comfortable clothes are among the things that are good for gas pain. It is recommended to walk and exercise in response to the question of what to do for the expectant mother with gas pain complaints. When asked about what causes gas pain, eating less foods frequently reduces gas pains. In particular, anise and fennel are very useful as herbal solutions. However, it should not be consumed without consulting a doctor. Regular exercise and walking is very beneficial.


 At What Week Do Pain Symptoms Begin and How Long Do They Last?


 The discomfort in the abdominal and intestinal area, bloating and the desire to pass gas are signs of gas pain. In these cases, it is useful to start taking measures against gas pains. A comfortable environment should be provided for mother and baby during pregnancy. Avoiding stress, taking a warm shower and lifting the feet will do better for mother and baby. Gas pain symptoms begin in the second month of pregnancy and can last until birth. There is no harm to mother and baby. However, those who experience gas pains for a long time should be examined by a doctor. In addition, gas, bloating and discomfort cause groin pain.



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