When Does Chest Pain Start During Pregnancy, When Does It End? Natural Remedies for Pain ...

Chest pain during pregnancy is one of the ailments that many expectant mothers complain about during this period. Conditions that can be considered to cause this pain can cause uterine enlargement, breast tenderness or stress, and rarely more serious diseases. In this pregnancy, as the baby and the uterus grow, the pressure on the surrounding organs such as the lungs and stomach increases. This pressure can cause chest pain.


 Changes in the structure of hormones can lead to a series of unusual changes in the expectant mother, especially at the onset of pregnancy. It is normal for the body to feel pain in various parts of the body while trying to keep up with this change. While this pain is usually felt in the groin, lower abdomen and legs, many pregnant women also complain of chest pain. Therefore, chest pain during pregnancy is generally considered normal, and if the pain is not very uncomfortable, it does not require special treatment.


 Chest Pain During Pregnancy Is A Very Common Condition


 In this process, it will be in your best interest to see a doctor just in case. When a woman is pregnant, her breasts begin to grow, become more sensitive, and produce milk. Because feeding the baby after birth is the most important function of the breast. This change, which starts in the first few weeks of pregnancy, can sometimes return to the expectant mother as chest pain. In order to relieve chest pain, it is necessary to examine and find out what caused the problem in a pregnant woman.


 In order to protect the health of the mother and baby and to relieve such pain, light exercises can be done in a way that does not risk pregnancy. Stomach ailments can also cause chest pain. Indigestion, which is also defined as a feeling of pressure and swelling in the upper abdomen, can cause long-lasting chest pain. It is important to avoid foods that cause indigestion in this respect.


  What to Do When You Have Chest Pain


 In addition, people suffering from indigestion should be examined by a gastroenterologist to see if there is a major problem. It is recommended that the food be eaten in less portions by chewing thoroughly so that it is not oily and spicy. It is also a special process during pregnancy by which women become more emotionally sensitive.


 On the other hand, stress can cause muscle tension and trigger chest pain. You should choose cotton and comfortable bras that are suitable for your body that do not tighten your chest area. However, if this normally causes you excessive anxiety, you can go to your doctor and have the necessary tests done and check your condition.



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