When Does Fatigue Begin During Pregnancy? How does fatigue and sweating pass, what is good?

Having a baby is an exciting time for expectant mothers and fathers. During pregnancy, the expectant mother behaves very carefully for the development of the baby. Regular and balanced nutrition is very important for the development and health of the baby during pregnancy. The changes experienced by the expectant mother during the pregnancy process and the body getting heavier with the development of the baby are very difficult for the mother. Fatigue while pregnant is one of the common problems. One of the complaints of the mother during pregnancy, is the fatigue normal or how does the fatigue go?


 When Does Fatigue Begin During Pregnancy?


 The feeling of weakness occurs in the first weeks of pregnancy of the expectant mother. The increase of progesterone hormone during pregnancy causes fatigue. Also, the body produces more blood to feed the baby. This situation is among the causes of fatigue.


 Causes Sweating During Pregnancy?


 Excessive sweating occurs during pregnancy as a result of the effect on the pregnancy hormones and sweat glands and the need to throw the feeling of warmth from the body. The sudden decrease and increase in pregnancy hormones cause hot flashes and cause sweating. During this period, hormones start to reproduce more.


 In particular, dehydration of the body causes sweating. Especially in this process, it is very important to increase fluid consumption and reduce the consumption of spicy and fatty foods. It is useful to choose cotton and wide clothes that allow the skin to breathe. It occurs especially in the first and last trimester of pregnancy. It is beneficial to consult a doctor as pregnancy diabetes is very effective in sweating. In addition, since the use of medicines is limited, the discomfort is treated with the herbal solution.


 How does fatigue and sweating pass, what is good?


 Regular sleep and rest can be given as an answer to the question of what causes fatigue during pregnancy. In terms of what should be done to relieve fatigue, especially the working mother-to-be should not stand for too long or sit in the same way for too long. The pregnant mother's consumption of foods rich in vitamin C can be given as an answer to the question of what is good for fatigue and sweating. In addition, consuming at least two liters of water a day reduces sweating. For sweating and fatigue, especially taking a shower, exercising, eating less but often, are among the things that are good.



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