Which Fish Are Eaten During Pregnancy, Which Fish Are Not Eaten? How Should Correct Fish Consumption Be When Pregnant?

Nutrition should be given great importance for the health of both the baby and the mother during pregnancy. Since there may be craving for pregnant women, it should be investigated whether the foods to be consumed are suitable or not. There are some vitamins needed by the body such as iron and folic acid during pregnancy. The consumption of milk and dairy products is especially recommended for pregnant women as it absorbs the calcium needed by the baby from the mother's bones. It is a general rule that foods to be consumed during pregnancy are not undercooked. All pregnant women should stay away from raw and undercooked foods, both in meat products and in foods such as eggs.


 Fish consumption during pregnancy


 It is a very important issue because it can cause poisoning when consumed incorrectly or damage the development of the baby. The possibility that fish consumption may have some harms brings to mind the question of whether fish is eaten during pregnancy. When it comes to nutrition during pregnancy, the question arises as to whether eating fish during pregnancy is beneficial. It is a very useful food for pregnant women when it is caught from fresh and clean waters in the fish season. Deep sea fish containing heavy metals should be avoided, and these should be preferred because surface fish have a lower risk of carrying heavy metals such as mercury.


 The answer to the question of whether fish is eaten during pregnancy is yes when it is consumed properly and fresh. A balanced diet is of great importance in seafood consumption while pregnant. It seems appropriate to choose fresh fish that are in season, such as small fish such as anchovies. High-quality protein content is considered among the benefits of seafood. For fish consumption, catching from a clean sea is an important criterion as well as the type of fish to be consumed.


 Which Fish Should Not Be Consumed While Pregnant?


 The question of whether consuming fish during pregnancy is inconvenient for the baby can be answered differently depending on the situation.

 There are fish types for pregnant women that can be harmed during pregnancy. Especially canned fish consumption should be avoided. The consumption of fish containing heavy metals should not be consumed as it may harm the baby and affect the nervous system and brain development. However, surface fish such as horse mackerel, bonito and mackerel are included in the category of edible fish.


 Fish must be consumed with freshness in mind. When it comes to fish consumption, the question of whether seafood such as mussels and shrimp is harmful may come to mind. Undercooked shellfish (such as mussels, shrimp, oysters) should be avoided. Especially mussels grow in deep sea and therefore can contain a lot of heavy metals.


 For pregnant women, in terms of healthy fish consumption, how to cook fish and to what extent it should be consumed is also an important issue. Choosing methods such as grilling and steaming fish instead of frying is considered more appropriate in terms of healthy nutrition.



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