When Does Urine Color Change During Pregnancy? Can Gender Predictions Be Made From Urine Color?

During pregnancy, differences occur in our body and the functioning of organs. For this reason, you should not be afraid of the changes in our body and urine, and you should do some research or consult a specialist. Many pregnant women observe that their urine color changes during pregnancy and wonder why. We investigated the reasons for this situation for you.


 What are the Causes of Urine Color Change?


 There can be many reasons for the color change of urine. A normal person's urine is light yellow in color. The most important factor that determines the color of urine is that the kidneys filter waste from the blood and excrete with water. Therefore, if you are a low-water drinker, it would not be surprising if your urine is dark yellow, so pregnant women drink twice as much water as normal women. In this case, they need to go to the toilet more and the color of the urine may be light.


 Another factor that determines the color of urine is the drugs you use. For this reason, the drugs or vitamins you use during pregnancy can make your urine darker. Even if you drink a lot of water, it may be different from normal. There is no need to worry, but it is useful to consult a professional. If you consume a lot of beef, mutton, eggs, red meat or green vegetables during pregnancy, your urine may turn golden yellow if you consume these foods that contain vitamins B1, B2.


 Can Gender Predictions Be Made Based on Urine Color?


 There are some beliefs about gender determination, especially in our society. We can multiply these examples, such as the beliefs that the expectant mother indicates that her beauty is gone, that she is expecting a baby girl, that the baby's gender determines the places where weight gain is gained, the foods that are craved during pregnancy, and the effects of pregnancy syndromes on gender.


 Urine color can change constantly in our lives. For example, the darker color of the first urine in the morning. For this reason, it is not scientifically possible to understand the gender by looking at the color of the urine. You can only guess. You are very likely to be wrong. In other words, the food we eat, the drugs you use, the vitamins you take and the amount of water you drink during pregnancy determine the color of your urine. Gender cannot be learned by looking at the color of urine.


 In order to know the sex of your baby for sure, you should have an ultrasound after the 13th week of your pregnancy. You may also hear about some tests that predict gender. However, the margin of error in those tests is high. For a definite result, it would be appropriate to consult your doctor and have a film taken.



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