What Causes Heart Palpitations, Sweating and Nausea During Pregnancy, What Is Good?

Since pregnancy is a very sensitive process, it is necessary to find solutions to various problems. The question of what causes heart palpitations during pregnancy is asked quite often. While a normal person's heart rate is between sixty and one hundred beats per minute, pregnant mothers will feel this increase in heart rate as palpitations.


  Palpitations are a common problem during pregnancy, but are usually short-lived. In addition, starting from the sixth week of pregnancy, the amount of blood increases with the activity of hormones. The body does this to increase the blood requirement for the baby and to balance any bleeding that occurs after birth.


  Heart Palpitations Are Usually Short-lived


  The increased blood volume can have an effect on the heart rate by causing palpitations and shortness of breath during pregnancy. Progesterone, the hormone that causes emotional and physical changes, increases during pregnancy. One of the negative effects of this increase is heart rate during pregnancy. Emotions such as nervousness, excitement and anger trigger the heartbeat.


  Therefore, experiencing such an emotional state or being stressed can cause heart palpitations in pregnant women. When you feel palpitations, you should try to take a deep breath and calm yourself. Then you need to sit down and rest. You can take water with you and drink it. In such a case, splashing cold water on the face will also be very beneficial. Excessive caffeine consumption can cause a heart attack.


  Nausea and Shortness of Breath are also Very Common


  Caffeine in foods such as coffee, chocolate, brewed tea, cake and carbonated water should be avoided during pregnancy. Hormone levels rise during pregnancy, increasing blood flow. In this case, it causes the body temperature to rise during pregnancy. As a result, the body sweats more to cool itself and maintain a balance. Various questions are asked, such as how sweats go or what causes this situation.


  The question of what should be done to control this situation is important. Taking a shower regularly and wearing loose, breathable clothes that make you feel comfortable will relieve the pregnant woman. Spicy, bitter and fatty foods should not be consumed. During pregnancy, the most common symptom in women for various reasons is nausea. If the answer to the question of whether nausea is normal or what is good, many herbal solutions at home will work.



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