Is There Bleeding During Pregnancy, How Long Does It Last? What Should Those Who Have Bleeding During Pregnancy Do?

During pregnancy, expectant mothers should stay away from movements that may endanger the health of the baby. At the slightest event, the expectant mother gets worried. For the health of the baby, he acts cautiously during the pregnancy period. She tries to consume every food that is beneficial during pregnancy. Bleeding during pregnancy is one of the situations that frighten expectant mothers. Whether it is normal to have bleeding while pregnant is one of the issues to be wondered at.


 Is There Bleeding During Pregnancy, How Long Does It Last?


 Spot-like bleeding is common during pregnancy, especially in the first weeks. Therefore, spotting in the first months of pregnancy is considered a normal situation. The real fear is that he experiences a light red bleeding condition. Although vaginal bleeding is not a normal finding in the first trimester, it is seen in twenty percent of all pregnant women during pregnancy. It is not dangerous to see light-colored spots in the first months of pregnancy. However, dark bleeding and prolonged bleeding can create a risky situation. Therefore, in such cases, it is useful to consult a doctor immediately. The expectant mother should go to the hospital when she experiences bleeding. In addition, another issue that should not be forgotten is that there is no possibility of menstrual bleeding during pregnancy. There are different causes of bleeding experienced during pregnancy.


 What Causes Bleeding During Pregnancy?


 At the beginning of pregnancy, bleeding may occur as the baby settles in the uterus. This bleeding can be in the form of spots or spots, or it can be in the form of menstrual bleeding. However, dark bleeding in the following months causes miscarriage. In addition, bleeding can be caused by ectopic pregnancy, the baby's spouse being ahead, and the early separation of the baby's spouse during pregnancy.


 In the first trimester of pregnancy, bleeding that occurs when the baby is placed in the uterus, which is considered normal, and similar bleeding occurs in the range of about 6 to 12 days. It is considered dangerous if it takes longer. In addition, bleeding after sexual intercourse is common during pregnancy. Although this situation is not dangerous, if it is too much and has a dense consistency, a doctor should be consulted.


 What Should Those Who Have Bleeding During Pregnancy Do?


 In case of bleeding or spotting during pregnancy, even if the bleeding stops, she should share this situation with her physician. If the bleeding does not stop, it is necessary to consult a hospital immediately. Low risk should be considered.



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