What Causes Itching During Pregnancy, What Is It Good For? What Should Those Who Have a Body and Redness During Pregnancy Do?

What Causes Itching During Pregnancy, What Is It Good For? What Should Those Who Experience Body And Redness During Pregnancy Do?

Having a baby is something every couple wants. During pregnancy, especially the expectant mother experiences many difficulties. Changes in the hormones of the expectant mother during pregnancy, the baby's development day by day and the weight of the body create difficulties for the expectant mother during the pregnancy process. It is wondered whether the situations experienced by the mother-to-be are normal after the body change. Causes of itching during pregnancy and what is good for itching are among the most frequently asked questions by expectant mothers.


 What Causes Itching During Pregnancy, What Is It Good For?


 Itching is common during pregnancy. Mild itching during pregnancy is usually nothing to worry about, but if itching becomes severe, a doctor should be consulted as it could be a sign of a serious liver condition. Since the skin has a flexible structure, it causes an extra stretch in the growing abdomen and breasts of the expectant mother, and itching occurs because the skin is stretched. Due to this stretching, the skin loses moisture and causes itching.


 In addition, food allergies cause itching during pregnancy. From the weeks when the abdomen begins to become evident, the feeling of itching begins to be felt, and this is quite normal. Cracks in the chest and abdomen cause itching, although not always. Since itching often bothers the expectant mother, she goes into the research of what is the itching and what is the herbal solution. It is recommended to take a warm shower in response to the question of what is good for itching. Moisturizing the skin with natural moisturizers is good for itching. It is recommended that comfortable and cotton clothes should not be preferred for the itching issue. Tight clothes increase itching more.


 What Should People Who Have Redness During Pregnancy Do?


 Those who experience redness and itching during pregnancy should be careful not to take a bath with very hot water. The body should be thoroughly cleansed from the shampoo and shower gel used in the bathroom. Foods and beverages that cause redness in the body should not be consumed. Aloe Vera is a plant with soothing properties for many skin rashes and itching problems. In response to the question of what to do to relieve the redness, after cutting the aloe vera leaf, applying the gel that comes out of it to the itchy places helps to relax. In addition, choosing very salty dishes causes redness, so eating very spicy and salty foods should be avoided.



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