How to Treat Heartburn During Pregnancy, What Is Good? When Does Heartburn During Pregnancy Start and When Does It End?

As all women know, women who become pregnant experience some symptoms and discomforts in the first weeks of pregnancy. These include problems such as nausea and heartburn.


 First of all, let's talk about why you experience heartburn during pregnancy. The first reason for this heartburn is the formation of unexpected, unusual symptoms in the body due to the secretion of pregnancy hormones into the body. Progesterone, which is in the pregnancy hormone, slows down the digestion that occurs in the metabolism, which slows down the mixing of nutrients into the blood, so the emptying of the stomach is delayed and the pregnant woman starts to experience heartburn because of this. In the following periods, as the baby's growth in the abdomen continues to develop rapidly, stomach problems occur due to pressure on the stomach.


 When Does Heartburn During Pregnancy Start?


 Pregnancy is a very sacred and exciting time for all women. For this reason, expectant mothers begin to investigate the symptoms they experience while pregnant before they even experience the problems. Problems such as nausea and heartburn, which are one of the most common problems experienced by pregnant women, will vary from person to person and according to their body structure.


 Some people experience these problems in the first 3 months of pregnancy, while others never encounter this problem during pregnancy. While some women experience this process very heavily and constantly by going to the doctor, others go through it in a way that can relieve themselves at home with lower symptoms. These heartburns are not harmful for the baby.


 How to Prevent Heartburn During Pregnancy?


 - First of all, you should definitely stay away from smoking and alcohol consumption. This will both harm the baby and increase heartburn.

 - You should gain the habit of eating small but frequent meals. Consuming too much food in your meals causes the stomach wall to stretch. This is the main factor that triggers heartburn.

 - You should stay away from foods that harm the stomach. These foods are; coffee, chocolate, garlic, onion. You should also avoid choosing products that are too oily.

 - You should avoid clothes that hug and tighten your body too much.

 - You should definitely not eat before going to bed. You should have consumed your last meal at least 2-3 hours before falling asleep. Plus, you should avoid high pillows while sleeping.


 How to Treat Heartburn During Pregnancy?


 Women who suffer from heartburn during pregnancy, which they cannot bear, should first of all be examined by a doctor. Doctors say that coffee, chocolate, soda and foods increase heartburn. Pregnant women should avoid these, but if there is no solution, they can apply to the internal medicine departments of hospitals. Apart from these, there are natural cures that women who do not experience severe symptoms of heartburn can do at home.


 How to Treat Heartburn During Pregnancy?


 When you experience the symptoms of heartburn and apply to the hospital, the relevant doctors will first investigate the causes of heartburn with blood and urine tests, and if necessary, with endoscopic examination. These tests will give information about the type of bacteria that causes heartburn. If it is a problem caused by infection, doctors will start antibiotic treatment to eliminate it. If there is no major problem such as infection, gastritis symptoms may be found. They can also try to solve this with simpler drugs.


 What Are Natural Remedies For Heartburn?


 Mothers-to-be who experience heartburn symptoms can first investigate natural treatment processes that they can prepare themselves at home. One of the best solutions for heartburn, also known among the people, is warm milk. Consumption of 1 glass of warm milk on an empty stomach in the morning will visibly reduce heartburn.


 Another method is thyme and chamomile tea. Again, you can add chamomile on an empty stomach or add 1 teaspoon of tea to 1 glass of hot water according to your preference, wait for it to brew and consume. These teas regulate the acid in the stomach and will be a solution to your heartburn.



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