What Causes Right Groin Pain and Left Groin Pain During Pregnancy? Is Pain a Gender Sign?

During pregnancy, the expectant mother experiences some pains and problems with the effect of baby development. Especially since the use of drugs during pregnancy is limited, he seeks to overcome these problems with herbal solutions. Nausea and groin pain during pregnancy is one of the indispensable discomforts. Pregnant candidates are very concerned and concerned about whether groin pain is normal or what is good for groin pain.


 What Causes Right Groin Pain and Left Groin Pain During Pregnancy?


 One of the problems faced by expectant mothers while pregnant is groin pain. With the changes in the body, these pains in the left and right groin cause pregnant mothers to experience painful periods. Groin pain causes mothers to suffer and cheat their daily activities. The enlargement of the uterus and the pressure on the intestine and inguinal region are among the causes of inguinal pain.


 In addition, with the development of the baby, it takes up a larger space in the uterus and settles more in the right or left region, what happens to the groin pain. In response to the question of what to do in groin pain, it is recommended that the expectant mother rest and pay attention not to lift heavy loads. In addition, if groin pain occurs at the 38th week and after and continues for a long time, a doctor should be consulted as this may be a harbinger of labor. In addition, the consumption of drugs that will relieve the pain in consultation with the doctor is quite harmful. In addition, gas pain during pregnancy can cause groin pain. Constipation can also cause groin pain.


 Is Pain a Gender Sign?


 Although there is no scientific basis, the right inguinal pain is female, the left inguinal pain is male. Generally, expectant mothers who have right groin pain think that it is a baby girl symptom. Although this idea is common among the public, there is no basis for the presence of groin pain on the left or right as a factor that will determine gender.


 How to Treat Groin Pain During Pregnancy?


 Drinking plenty of fluids is among the things that are good for groin pain. In response to the question of what causes groin pain, the answer can be given to exercise, to rest by stretching the legs. In response to the question of how the groin pain goes away, the severity of the groin pain can be relieved by applying a warm compress on the groin.



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