Is it possible to have a period while pregnant? (Getting Menstrual While Pregnant) What Should Those Who Have Menstruation During Pregnancy Do?

This is one of the issues that mothers who have doubts about whether they are pregnant or not.


 Pregnancy and Menstruation


 After the period passes, expectant mothers usually realize that they are pregnant. With a pregnancy test they take or have done, they confirm their status, that is, whether they are pregnant or not. Usually, the first sign of pregnancy is the absence of menstruation during pregnancy. While many women do not menstruate while pregnant, some expectant mothers also bleed regularly even though they are expecting a baby. This is of course confusing. This is why there are women who do not realize that they are pregnant.


 What Does Seeing Above Mean?


 Seeing on top is a popular term. The expectant mother experiences bleeding approximately every 26 days and may mistake it for menstruation. Even if it is rare, it is possible to see the top in pregnancy.


 The Difference Between Seeing Over and Menstruating


 It is not always easy to perceive the difference between seeing on top and menstruation. But it is useful to give the following details. Seeing over is usually experienced by a pregnant woman a day or two before her normal menstrual period.


 So a woman who menstruates in twenty-eight days if she is pregnant, then she can see on top after twenty-six days. To exemplify once again, a woman who menstruates once every twenty-six days can see at the top in twenty-four days.


 The amount and color of bleeding may also vary. When women experience menstrual cycles that are usually dark and less abundant, they may think of seeing the top. Bleeding during superimposition begins before the normal date and lasts shorter than normal. In terms of quantity, the amount of bleeding during superimposition is less. Pregnant women can easily understand this by comparing the number of packs they use.


 Is Seeing Above Only Once?


 Seeing the top can usually happen once or several times. Although very rarely, there are women who see it on top during their entire pregnancy. Some of them even realize that they are pregnant too late because they do not experience any other symptoms, and they even have problems in determining the date of birth.


 Is it harmful?


 Top-sighted women can maintain healthy pregnancies and give birth to healthy babies. The important thing is not to know that you are pregnant and not to spoil the baby's health with things like x-rays or cigarettes.



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