Having Sex While Pregnant, Is It Harmful? How Does Sex Happen During Pregnancy, How Many Months Does It Last?

Expectant mothers give great importance to every issue during pregnancy. It conducts research in every situation for the health of the mother and baby. It pays attention to every situation that should and should not be done during pregnancy. It is among the issues that are wondered whether it is harmful to have intercourse while pregnant.


 Having Sex While Pregnant, Is It Harmful?


 Pregnancy is usually a period when spouses become sexually distant from each other. Some hormonal changes occur in the expectant mother, and since it is thought that sexuality will be harmful during pregnancy, they stay away from their spouses for 9 months. This is a misunderstood issue in society. If sexual intercourse is not prohibited by the doctor during pregnancy, it is a normal situation. A pregnant mother-to-be is worried whether having intercourse during pregnancy is harmful to the health of the baby.


 It is sexual intercourse during pregnancy and there is no harm for the baby. However, sexual intercourse may be prohibited by the doctor for precautionary purposes in expectant mothers with low risk in the first trimester of pregnancy. When there is no problem, sexual intercourse during pregnancy does not harm either the mother or the baby. The baby is protected by the strong musculature of the uterus and the fluid in the uterus. Sexual intercourse does not affect the baby. In addition, during pregnancy, the expectant mother will need more attention, love and affection. Psychologically, it has been observed that there is no harm in the subject of sexual intercourse in terms of the good feeling of the expectant mother.


 How Does Sex Happen During Pregnancy, How Many Months Does It Last?


 Sexual life can continue until the last five weeks, after the pregnancy process does not create any negative situation and follows a normal course. In the last five weeks of pregnancy, sexual intercourse should be stopped.


 Who Is Prohibited Sexual Intercourse During Pregnancy?


 In women who have had a miscarriage or premature birth before, sex can be prohibited within the first 2 to 3 months. The answer to the question in which cases sexual intercourse is not allowed during pregnancy;

● Those at risk of miscarriage,

● Those at risk of preterm birth

● Experiencing vaginal bleeding of unknown cause,

● Excessive opening of the cervix during pregnancy

● Sexual intercourse is prohibited for people who are expecting a baby, such as twins or triplets. This is because it harms the baby.



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