What to do to avoid getting pregnant? What are Herbal Methods to Avoid Conceiving After Sex?

It is very important for expectant mothers and fathers to be ready to have a baby. A planned pregnancy is the subject that makes the mother and father-to-be happy. Both physically and mentally, the expectant mother should be ready to be pregnant and have a baby.


 There are many responsibilities that must be undertaken during pregnancy. There should be a pre-planned situation in order to experience a healthy pregnancy process for the expectant mother. Many forms of hormonal changes occur in the expectant mother while pregnant. Some precautions should be taken to avoid getting pregnant. The methods of not getting pregnant are very much wondered by the couples.


 Points to be Considered to Avoid Getting Pregnant


 In order not to get pregnant, attention should be paid to the menstrual cycle and not to have intercourse on fertilization days. Apart from this, natural and known prevention methods should be applied.


 What to do to avoid getting pregnant?


 There are many methods of contraception to avoid getting pregnant. Precautions are taken to prevent pregnancy with the protection of both women and men. Among the methods of protection;

● There is a contraceptive method with pills. It is possible to protect it by drinking birth control pills regularly every day.

● There is a method of protection by monthly injections.

● It can be protected with a device placed inside the uterus. A device called a spiral is inserted into the uterus to prevent pregnancy.

● There is also a male method of protection. It can be protected by the male using the condom method.

● Matchstick sized skin capsules are placed on the inside of the arm. These capsules eliminate the possibility of getting pregnant.

● In couples who no longer want children, it is possible to have women's ovarian tubes surgically ligated. Since the tubes are tied, the egg does not meet the male sperm cell. Thus, fertilization can be prevented.

What are Herbal Methods to Avoid Conceiving After Sex?


 Among the methods of contraception during pregnancy, as in the others, it eliminates the risk of pregnancy that may occur with contraception methods such as the morning-after pill, which is not applied before the intercourse and used afterwards. There are some herbal teas that prevent pregnancy. An example of these herbal teas is the hibiscus plant. Drinking hibiscus tea after intercourse reduces the risk of getting pregnant. Herbs such as sage, licorice, buckthorn, periwinkle, mistletoe, wormwood and fennel prevent conception. The reason for this is that it causes contractions in the uterus, dilutes the blood and causes bleeding. Parsley causes uterine contractions when taken in large quantities. Used as a birth control herb, parsley is also an effective natural remedy to prevent pregnancy.



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