Can the Blood Pregnancy Test Result Be Wrong? What is the Error Rate in Pregnancy Tests?

Beta-HCG testing, also known as pregnancy blood tests, is a type of test used to find out if a person is pregnant. It is considered very low to get false results from this blood test. The error rate of this test is almost zero. This test is not a common measurement that can be done at home. But it can be done by a doctor. A blood test, like a urine test, does not give results within a few minutes.


  Although the rate of increase in beta HCG hormone level varies from person to person, it is generally recommended that the test be done on the eleventh day after the menstrual delay, in order to understand whether there is a pregnancy presence in terms of checking. When a baby begins to form in the abdomen, the HCG hormone is produced in the body.


  Accuracy of Blood Tests to Determine if Pregnant


  For this reason, in cases such as a wrong blood test for pregnancy, wrong results can be encountered because the expectant mothers usually have the test before this period. A time between forty-eight and seventy-two hours must pass before the test can be performed on a pregnant woman again. A positive test result may not mean that a healthy process has been established in pregnancy.


  For this reason, it should be followed whether there is any problem in the gestational sac in the ultrasound performed after the fourth or fifth week of pregnancy. Pregnancy tests purchased at the pharmacy and performed at home and blood pregnancy tests in a health facility show us a result about whether there is a pregnant situation.


  Very Low Rates of Blood Tests Giving False Results


  However, although false results can be seen from time to time in home tests, the margin of error in the pregnancy test performed with blood in the hospital is quite minimal. A blood pregnancy test should only be done in a laboratory setting. The blood taken from the vascular approach is sent to the laboratory while the test is pregnant.


  Results can be obtained the same day. In this respect, although a urine pregnancy test gives faster results, a blood test with a higher accuracy rate is required to clearly understand the presence of pregnancy. The blood test should be performed and analyzed under medical supervision. It is wrong and inappropriate to do the test at home.



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