Why Can't I Get Pregnant, What Should I Do? Should I Go To The Doctor? Answers to Your Questions…

Every healthy man and woman wants to have children, especially after a certain age. However, today, the number of couples who cannot have children due to various reasons has increased considerably. One of the biggest reasons for this is the rising age of marriage. Many young people marry later in order to pursue a career and pursue their planned career. It is important for people to be ready for this situation, as getting married, having a house and having children brings financial obligations along with responsibilities.


  Why Can't I Get Pregnant?


  The number of couples who cannot have children due to marriages at an advanced age is increasing day by day. In fact, pregnancy is a very complex issue because fertilization is both a complex and delicate process. A couple who is psychologically ready to be a mother and father must also be physiologically ready for this process. Scientifically, every woman is born with a certain egg reserve. This reserve is equal to the number of children a woman can have in her lifetime. The first reason why a healthy woman cannot become pregnant can be considered incorrect timing. However, when this process is prolonged, it will be the best decision to focus on different reasons and consult a specialist doctor.


  Reasons Preventing Pregnancy


  The reasons that prevent reproduction for men can be listed as follows:

● Low sperm count

● Weakness in sperm motility

In terms of women, there may be different reasons that prevent the start of the pregnancy process.

● There may be an infection in the uterus that prevents the egg from sticking to the walls

● There may be a problem preventing the eggs from being released from the ovaries.

● There may be a problem that prevents the egg from implanting in the uterus after fertilization.

● Harmless fibroids, which can disrupt the tissue of the uterus or fallopian tube, may grow and prevent the movement of the egg, and therefore it may be difficult to conceive.

In this process, the stress experienced by couples who want to have a baby, especially from unsuccessful attempts, can make fertilization even more difficult.


  Pregnancy Process


  With the detection of pregnancy, an average of forty-week journey begins until the moment of birth. Both the baby and the mother-to-be should be followed up and checked regularly during pregnancy. The development of the baby is closely monitored with routine ultrasound controls, especially during pregnancy. For those who have had problems with pregnancy in the past, pregnancy follow-up is of great importance for the expectant mother and baby to have a healthy pregnancy and to complete the process successfully.



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