How to Do a Finger Pregnancy Test? How Accurate Is a Manual Pregnancy Test?

There are multiple ways a woman who suspects she is pregnant can find out if she is pregnant. These are a blood test, a pharmacy pregnancy test, and a urine test. Urine and blood tests are done in the hospital through the gynecologist. A pregnancy test from the pharmacy is a test that every woman can do at home. A pregnancy test from the pharmacy may not give a definitive result. A positive test result may actually be negative. Therefore, the result of blood test and urine test shows a clear and definite result.


 In addition to the tests mentioned above, there are also tests used in the past to find out if a woman is pregnant. This test, or rather, the method shows simpler and inconclusive results, since it is not the current modern medicine methods. This method is called a manual pregnancy test. In the past, manual examination was used to learn the condition of the baby and mother during pregnancy, as well as to learn about pregnancy.


 What is a Manual Pregnancy Test?


 In ancient times, midwives and physicians used hand-held pregnancy tests. Today, this old method is also used in places where the tests used in modern medicine cannot be reached. In the manual pregnancy test, the midwife or doctor checks the uterus of the woman who is thought to be a mother-to-be.


 The midwife or physician gropingly checks the woman's uterus and if there is a hardness in the uterus, this indicates that the woman is not pregnant and will have her period. However, if a firmness cannot be felt and the uterus is up, it means that the woman is pregnant, that is, expecting a baby.


 A manual pregnancy test will not cause any harm to the pregnant woman. As a result, a test in the form of an examination is performed. This type of examination is one of the examinations performed during pregnancy both in the old periods and in the new periods.


 Is the Manual Pregnancy Test Reliable?


 This manual test is not very reliable. More precisely, as mentioned above, it does not give a definite result. When a woman is pregnant, a pregnant woman may be pregnant even though the midwife or doctor says she is not pregnant. The opposite may also be the case. In both cases, the margin of error will be high as can be seen. For this reason, a manual pregnancy test will not be very accurate.



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