What is the probability (probability) of getting pregnant in one go? After How Many Relationships Can You Get Pregnant?

When many women decide to get pregnant, they want to get pregnant right away on the first try. However, the process may not always be this easy. Some women get pregnant on the first try, while for others it takes longer.


  We have compiled for you which methods can be used to increase the chance of pregnancy in the first try. You can increase your chances of getting pregnant by trying these methods.


  Correct Calculation of Ovulation Day


  The first condition in pregnancy is the correct calculation of the date of ovulation. On average, your ovulation date is determined as the 13th day from your menstrual start date.


  Every woman's ovulation date and may not be the same. For some women, this may be different. Therefore, if you want to have intercourse on the date of ovulation, you can get help from an obstetrician.


  Providing Treatment If There is a Condition that Prevents Pregnancy


  If you have any health problems during pregnancy, this condition should be treated first. Being healthy is the first condition to be able to conceive. For this reason, the right step is taken by consulting an obstetrician first.


  With treatment, your chances of conceiving increase considerably. However, there is no such thing as a 0 chance of conceiving in the first sexual intercourse. The chances of conceiving are quite high, but it is never certain.


  The Role of Right Sex and Right Rest in Conceiving


  Correct sexual intercourse increases the chance of pregnancy. In addition to all these, resting on your back for at least half an hour by placing a pillow under your feet after sex is among the factors that increase the chance of pregnancy.


  All these situations increase the chances of getting pregnant. However, there is no such thing as a 100 percent chance of getting pregnant as a result of the first sexual intercourse. They are just suggestions to maximize your chances.


  There is not always the possibility of certainty in the process of getting pregnant. Therefore, even if it is not the first time, pregnancy is possible if there is no other health problem in the following processes.


  Can You Get Pregnant While Pregnant?


  Sexual intercourse is not recommended during pregnancy. However, if there is no problem after the first three months, you can have intercourse while pregnant by consulting your doctor. However, a doctor should be consulted.


  After all these processes are taken into account, if there is no other problem, expectant mothers achieve the dream of giving birth to a healthy baby. After these processes, the pregnancy period begins.


  Although it is not yet medically possible to become pregnant while pregnant, research continues on this subject.



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