What if I do not understand the pain and give birth to my child at home?

In some pregnancies, contractions are described as menstrual, while in others; pain in the waist, pubic pain in some cases, in others it is described as hardening of the abdomen. The fact that these contractions are actually positive for the birth process, as a result of which the body is prepared for birth, but some pregnant women may not contract or feel pregnant, this is not a condition to worry about.

How can conception contractions be understood?
          When real pains come, pregnant women feel these pains. The fear of ya if I don't understand it at home doğum exists in many pregnant women, but don't worry, you will understand the contraction of labor. The important point here is to distinguish these false pains from real pains.

How to Distinguish Real and Liar Birth Contractions?
           While false pains are considered normal, the presence of true pain may be a precursor of premature labor, in some cases requiring hospitalization. Typical characteristics of pseudo-pains are irregular. Both the intensity and gravity ranges are different. One of the things that pregnant women should feel is to follow the frequency of pain. Resting, changing positions, warm showering, drinking plenty of water often cause these contractions to stop. Physician control is required in the presence of contractions with increasing frequency and severity. The presence of pains in the NST device, shortening, opening or opening of the cervix, such as a change in the pains are considered to be true pain. If the time has come for the birth plan is made. If this condition develops in early weeks, treatment can be started for the pain to heal.

When the time of birth does not start again
           In pregnant women, the pain does not start suddenly as in Yeşilçam Turkish films. At first, when it comes to long intervals, it becomes increasingly frequent. When the pains come, it usually lasts about 1 minute, the abdomen gets harder, and the contractions become painful enough to sore the face of the pregnant woman. When the first pain is felt, the hospitalization time is very long and the home comfort cannot be provided. In cases where labor starts actively, the frequency of contractions becomes frequent in 3-5 minutes. In this case, hospital stay may be considered.


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