Are There Any People Who Get Pregnant With Egg Cracking Injection? What is the Rate of Pregnancy with Needle?

Couples dream of becoming parents after marriage. They take steps to experience the pregnancy process by taking natural methods or the help of a doctor to become pregnant. Pregnant mothers place great importance on healthy eating and getting plenty of rest.


  They stop using all kinds of products that will harm the development of the baby. While pregnant, expectant mothers experience emotional and body changes. It is useful to be very careful during pregnancy. There are many ways to experience the pregnancy process. One of the many methods that are beneficial in pregnancy is the egg cracking injection. This method is among the topics that are very interesting and curious by expectant mothers.


  Are There Any People Who Get Pregnant With Egg Cracking Injection?


  Egg cracking needle; It is a needle that helps the growing follicles to crack and more eggs to form in order to have a baby in expectant mothers who want to be treated for infertility problems. Cracking needles are used to allow the egg to grow and be thrown in order to be caught in the tubes. One of the most common fertility problems in women is the ovary problem, so women's reproductive cells are formed through the ovaries.


  In order for the fertility status of women to continue, the whole body should be followed and progress according to a certain plan. If the egg does not hatch, there is no chance of getting pregnant because the egg cells cannot be released. Accordingly, since the cells do not come together with the sperm, the occurrence of pregnancy is minimized. In order to get pregnant, the needle called egg cracking injection is given to expectant mothers. As soon as the cracking occurs, the probability of getting pregnant is very high. That's why the number of people who got pregnant with cracking needles is high.


  What is the Rate of Pregnancy with Needle?


  Fertilization occurs during unprotected intercourse, on average three days after the injection. Therefore, 1 to 2 days before or after the hatching of the egg is an ideal time. If there is no other problem in the mother or parent-to-be, the rate of getting pregnant with the needle is ninety percent. It increases the normal pregnancy rate of women by fifteen percent after needle cracking. The reason why a definite figure is not given here is that it takes into account other factors affecting the formation of the baby.



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