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As the age of the woman increases, the egg reserve decreases and the egg quality deteriorates. Especially after the age of 40, this negative effect becomes evident in eggs. It is stated by the experts of the subject that the risk of genetic problems in the ovaries increases with advancing age and pregnancy rates decrease. You will be able to read the 4 main questions and answers about the egg freezing process in the rest of our article.

Who Should Apply Egg Freezing?

People who are at risk of losing their egg tissue due to any disease (cancer and surgical procedure) and treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc.) can freeze their eggs before this treatment and easily use these eggs after the treatment process is over and get pregnant.

Who is the Egg Freezing Process Most Recommended?

In addition to patients who are at risk of losing their eggs due to any disease, the people we recommend the most are all women who postponed their pregnancy plan and started to decrease their ovarian reserve. Our laws now support egg freezing treatment as appropriate.

All women with an age factor can begin to freeze their eggs, as the egg reserve begins to decrease. When they think of pregnancy, even if their ovaries are no longer working, they do not miss the chance of pregnancy because they have eggs they freeze.

There is no marriage requirement for women to freeze their eggs.

When to Start Egg Freezing Process?

This process does not require a very long time. Treatment begins on the 2nd or 3rd day of menstruation. With Horman treatment, the eggs are stimulated and reached a certain number and maturity. The desired state is reached in about 10-11 days and the egg collection process is started. After the eggs are collected, we freeze our eggs of good quality. In short, we can say that the treatment takes 14 days.

How long can an egg be stored?

Legally, eggs can be stored for 5 years. Afterwards, this period can be extended with the permission of the ministry.



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