How Many Days After Ovulation Does Pregnancy Become In The Urine And Symptoms Start?

A baby is formed as a result of the fusion of sperm and egg and fertilization. The best gift for a mother is the baby she takes in her arms after a long time with difficulty. The pregnancy process is an emotional as well as a difficult one. During pregnancy, both mental, hormonal and bodily changes are recorded.


  During this pregnancy, the mother does not menstruate. In addition, the baby is born at the earliest seven months, and at the most nine months. And while pregnant, the mother's appetite goes up, so she gains weight and starts to crave. It is believed among the people that if the mother craves sweets, it will be a boy baby, and if she craves sour, she will have a girl. A pregnant woman should not tire herself. The mother needs to restrain herself in some matters.


  Pregnancy Symptoms


  In the first weeks, the mother may not understand her pregnancy. Because the symptoms do not appear immediately. But important symptoms are weakness, emotional changes, nausea, dizziness or vomiting. In addition to these, breast tenderness and changes in the menstrual cycle are seen in a pregnant woman. When you see these symptoms, you can go to a nearby health institution and get tested.


  Frequent need to go to the toilet is also among the most common symptoms of pregnancy. Another pregnancy symptom is dizziness, fever, and heartburn. During this period, during pregnancy, the stomach becomes very sensitive. If you experience a delay in your period because you cannot have a period while you are pregnant, you should test or have it done. If the test is positive, a blood test is done as another step and a course can be followed accordingly. Pregnancy is a process that can be determined quickly nowadays. You can do it yourself at home, even with a pregnancy test from the pharmacy.


  The pregnancy test you buy at the pharmacy comes in the form of a white stick. A few drops of your fresh urine are placed in a small chamber of the pregnancy stick test and left for a few minutes. If you are pregnant, you will see two lines in red, if you are not, a single red line will appear. This is the simplest and fastest test option. However, pregnancy is clearer in a blood test done at the hospital. In this process, your appetite will be open and you will not have clothes at home because you will gain weight. For this reason, you need to shop for yourself, especially for clothes. There are special clothes for pregnant women, you will be more comfortable with these clothes.



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